Power has been restored! – A Word by Joel Yount

As the creator of Encouragement for Now, an online blog, Joel Yount, in recent times is sought-after for his ministry and speaking engagements. He has impacted devoted Christians across the country by sharing the word of God with inspiration and courage. He is known for spreading God’s word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that helps others to fill their mindset with victory, hope and encouragement because in Joel’s words: “You are loved”. His passion is to reach Christian believers and help them to connect the transforming power of God’s word into their everyday life.   Email: [email protected]  ...

The Reason Why You May Need To Relax To Get Your Breakthrough! – A Word by Joel Yount

I was so frustrated! I couldn't seem to think clearly regarding a solution for a media project I had been working on. Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how many hours and energy you put into something it feels like you aren't making any progress? This is how I felt.   I made the decision to take a day off of work.   I spent most of the day outside walking in a park. There was no deep thoughts, no workload, and no stress. Just pure sunshine, warm air, and the sound of a gentle breeze...

How God Reveals His Goodness Using A Warning Dream – A Word by Joel Yount

This year, I had two vivid dreams of an individual trying to connect with me. After the second dream, I knew it could possibly be a dream in which God was trying to speak to me. After waking up each time, I felt the dreams were warning dreams.   Fast forward several months later, I got a friend request from the person I saw in both dreams on a social media network. I had felt God communicate to me to not accept the friend request.   God cares for us to warn us ahead of time in dreams what is...

The Love Of God Is Like A Gold Mine! – A Word by Joel Yount

  The Love of God is like a gold mine. The more you explore it, the more revelation and treasure opens up for you. There's revelation that others can teach you and then there is revelation that only God can reveal to you. Some of the strongest and most influential leaders in the world today I am convinced have the position and authority where they are at because they have a strong sense of identity. This doesn't mean they are perfect it means they have an important character trait of knowing who they are and not having a fear based...

Feeling Discouraged And Ready To Quit? This Is A Word For Someone Today! – A Word by Joel Yount

    Feeling discouraged, hopeless, and ready to quit? You may have had numerous prophetic words spoken over you regarding acceleration in your life…but have not seen any doors open yet. This is a word for someone today! Flowers are beginning to spring up from the ground in your life. The tears you have shed in the past have not been wasted. It’s not over until God says its over! Keep climbing up the MOUNTAIN. Your persistence is creating your breakthrough! Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego God will be with YOU in your fiery furnace trials of life. Remain...
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